Josh Brolin Cheating On Diane Lane?

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane

Brolin potentially caught cheating on Diane while filming in New Orleans.

In the world of Hollywood maybes, many a star has cheated on his/her spouse. In the world of Hollywood definites many a star has cheated on his/her spouse as well. The fact is, it happens all the time. But determining which unfaithful moments are real and which are just rumor is difficult. Often it is simply up to the public to figure out what they want to believe based on the evidence the stalkarazzi and sources present.

In the most recent case, a witness has described to In Touch magazine seeing Josh Brolin, the Oscar-nominated actor from Milk, canoodling with a local girl at the Royal Street Inn in New Orleans, where he is filming a new movie. The star has been married to actress Diane Lane since 2004, who herself was also nominated for an Oscar in 2002 for her role in the movie, um, Unfaithful. Read: 2009 Oscar Relationship Roundup

The couple, who could be seen graciously at each other's side throughout this past red carpet season, have a somewhat sketchy history. A couple months into their marriage Brolin was arrested for domestic battery after Lane called the police. Both say the situation was blown out of proportion and that the arrest was a formality in response to the call.

Brolin and Melissa Green, age 30, were allegedly hanging out and maybe kissing at the bar before escaping to a more private location. The witness also saw the duo the following morning and Green was still wearing her party clothes. The evidence is only circumstantial, but In Touch is set to publish photos of the evening (set to hit magazine stands on Thursday) that may reveal the veracity of the story. 

So as of now the details are slight, but the rumors are real. The actor's representative naturally says the fling didn't happen, but the witness/source/photos say it did. For now it looks like the decision is up to us, at least until next week's gossip mags hit the stands.

Photo courtesy of Splash News