When You're Famous Everyone Will Want To Kiss You


Be the face of Colgate Wisp, get famous and everyone'll want to kiss you.

A few weeks ago we asked you What Makes Someone Kissable? Well, the results are in (although you can still vote!) and "smooth full lips" and "laughing" tied for first place, with 26% each.

But you know what really makes you kissable? Fame. And how do we know this? Because just last week two women paid $20,000 each for kisses (on the cheek!) from Robert Pattinson. No, really, check it out.

Lucky for you, our partners at Colgate have a new product called the Wisp (it's a tiny toothbrush you take on dates so you can freshen up before the big lip-lock), and they're holding a contest called "Be The Face Of Wisp." They're searching for the most kissable person in America to be the face of their new campaign. Enter here. Winners are sure to get tons of kisses. (This is not guaranteed by Colgate, however.)

In the "What Makes Someone Kissable Poll," Fresh breath got 14% of the vote, but we're willing to bet it would come out on top of a "What Makes Someone Unkissable Poll." And don’t just take out word for it.

In our questions and answers section, a guy asked why his girlfriend wouldn't kiss him, and here's what user Frankly said: 

Make sure your breath doesn't stink! I'm not being facetious, I'm speaking from experience. When my fiance and I started dating he would try to kiss me, and I would give him a peck and look away. His breath stank, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him, so I just never kissed him! He just figured I wasn't "the kissing type". Finally, in an argument he brought up how he loves to kiss, and I hate it. I had to tell him it wasn't me. Since then, he makes an effort to not have bad breath, and we've been kissing ever since.

We may be working with Wisp, but we're not making up this fresh breath stuff—it's important!