Event: Learn How To Stop Men In Their Tracks

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Do You Have "Whip Appeal?" Let the Man Panel teach you the looks guys love.

Here at YourTango we try to give you the male perspective; in fact, What Guys Think is one of our most popular sections, so we know you're interested in the male mind. In the spirit of decoding dudes, we're giving NYC-based ladies a chance to go straight to the source with the Man Panel, part of Lord & Taylor's Dating Boot Camp.
This Tuesday, May 26, watch four love experts talk about what attracts men to certain women. They'll discuss "whip appeal," the looks that electrify men so they can't look away. Do you have whip appeal?  Find out on Tuesday… Read: 5 Fashion Choices That Turn Him Off
The panel includes some very knowledgable guys. Love Buzz's favorite panelist is YourTango's very own Tom Miller (OK, we may be biased), author of the excellent love, dating and pop culture blog Tomfoolery (if you haven't checked it out, do it now!), actor in numerous YourTango videos (have you seen him as Timmy Gordon?) and all-around awesome dude. 
The other panelists are:
Adam Rich, co-fonder of Thrillest.com, an online newsletter for guys, sort of like a male Daily Candy. 
Ted Scofield, a bigwig at the company that makes the adult party game Sexy Slang. 
Ky Henderson, author of several of YourTango's most popular articles, including "Inner Beauty: What Men Don't Tell You"and "Stop Settling for So-So Sex!"
Clearly these dudes have something to teach us. 
See the Man Panel this Tuesday, June 2 at 6 pm, in the 11th floor theater at 424 Fifth Ave., NYC.