Elizabeth Edwards And The No-Name Other Woman

the other woman

Elizabeth Edwards talked candidly with media outlets, if they agreed to this one condition.

You've seen Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah and on the Today show talking about her new book, Resilience. She's opened up about nearly every aspect of her husband John Edwards' affair. But for her candidness, Edwards requests that the name of the other woman not be spoken. Most media outlets have agreed to this. On Larry King her request was honored again. But the Washington Post recently showed it is not so willing to take requests. Indeed, no newspaper has been as willing to make the name deletion in their reporting.

In her book, Edwards refers to her husband's mistress as "an unwelcome woman." Edwards' publicist, David Drake, told the Post that her decision to not mention the other woman by name was motivated from a desire not to reward "bad behavior" and a wish to not see the woman who carried on an affair with her husband profit from the event that turned Edwards' life upside down.Cheating Myths Debunked

This makes us wonder what will happen with the profits made from Edwards' book. Will she choose to donate them to a worthy cause? Or what if this "unwelcome woman" decides to pen a book of her own. Then, inevitably, this unspoken name will be ever-present from billboards to signs on the sides of buses.