Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr May Be Engaged

Orlando Bloom
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The Victoria's Secret model was seen wearing something sparkly and it wasn't a wonder bra.

Celebrities are always so quick to show off their bling. Take LeAnn Rimes for example. The star flashed her gigantic wedding ring for a fleet of cameras recently, making it a point to get the rock up front and center. (Of course, Rimes was hoping to shoot down rumors that her marriage is also on the rocks but why split ends?)

If only Miranda Kerr would show us the same consideration and set the rumors straight as to whether or not she and Orlando Bloom are engaged. The Victoria's Secret model was photographed wearing an engagement-like ring on her left ring finger but is staying mum about her plans to marry. People reported that Kerr's rep, Carlii Lyon, told the magazine "I am aware of the images. However, I am not in a position to comment."

Kerr did comment briefly on her romance with Bloom back in 2008 when she told People, "He's a sweetheart and that's all I'm gonna say. Sweetheart." But did that sweetheart take both himself and Kerr off the market? Read: Engagement Ends In Suit Over Ring

Most likely the couple will marry in a hush-hush ceremony like fellow lingerie model Giselle Bundchen did when she married Tom Brady. The celebration will no doubt be simple and quick unless Kerr's changed her mind about not having any time for wedding planning. The beauty recently told E! Online that she was just too busy to plan a wedding. "It's definitely something, one day down the track, I want. But for now, I'm happy. I'm just too busy with work that I can’t be thinking of that right now."

Perhaps Bloom didn't get the memo. All signs point to a proposal.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.