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A quick recap of the week's best, in case you missed it.

Yes, it's true—we all need somebody to lean on.

And lucky for you, YourTango is here to help. Whether it's netting a man this weekend or saving your first date, YourTango had the advice you are looking for.

So in case you were too busy rearranging your day planner this week, here's a recap of the week's best.

Video: 16 Essential First Date Tips
Pay attention so your first date isn't your last.

Feature: 13 Male Habits The World Could Do Without
Including, "Believing you look good in relaxed fit jeans." Hey guys, it's like SparkNotes for living!

Tomfoolery: 8 Ways To Hook A Sailor During Fleet Week
If your thing is a man in uniform—and who's isn't—you'll want to pay attention to this.

Love Buzz: Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos And Don'ts
Don't leave home without reading this!

Celeb Love: Adam Lambert Introduces Boyfriend
Really, where is Clay Aiken when you need him?

Community Blog: Am I A Cougar
Laura Warrell needs your help to decided if she fits the bill.

Question: How Often Should I See The Guy I'm Dating?
We know you have advice. Now help rach6280 out.