Mel Gibson And Girlfriend Expecting Baby

Mel gibson with girlfriend oksana

Gibson's girlfriend, Oksana, is reportedly pregnant with Mel's 8th child.

There's even more to the Gibson family saga than we originally thought. At first Mel Gibson and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Robyn Gibson were divorcing. Not usually a surprising enterprise in La La Land. But this divorce, after 28 years of marriage, was going to result in one of the largest settlements in Hollywood history. Read: Mel Gibson Divorce Might Make History

The couple had been separated for three years, and are devout Catholics, which begged the question of why Robyn chose to finally file for divorce. Enter Oksana Grigorieva—Mel's girlfriend, and a resident in one of Gibson's homes. A kept woman, if you will, and yes, we definitely will. Read: Mel Gibson's Other Woman Revealed

So everything added up. Mel had girlfriend. Robyn filed for divorce. Mel's reported $1 billion dollar net worth (or whatever) most likely to be split with ex-wife. No biggie, makes sense, case closed.

Not so fast. TMZ has reported that Oksana's not only living in a house paid for by actor-producer-director, but also pregnant with his baby. Preggers, if you will… To clarify, Gibson paid strict attention to his religious beliefs by not using birth control. Great. He didn't abide by those same tenets, however, when committing adultery, having pre-marital sex (actually, it was post-marital, just to a different woman… not sure the rule on that one) and ultimately divorcing. No judgments, just saying.

Oksana is in her second trimester of the pregnancy, and apparently Mel has told Robyn and his children about it, but it's unclear when. Robyn could have known about the pregnancy when she filed for divorce on April 13. Maybe it was the bun in the oven that sparked one of the potentially largest divorce settlements in Hollywood. Or maybe it was just plain old adultery. Either way, could Mel and Oksana's child be known as the 500 billion dollar baby? We'll have to wait and see.

Photo courtesy of Splashnews