The Kate Hudson & A-Rod Situation

kate hudson

The Yankees third baseman and America's sweetheart may have gotten frisky.

Wow. It looks like, if rumors can be believed, that a gossip bloggers dreams are coming true. It looks like a previous rendezvous at the re-launch of Miami's fabulous Hotel Fontainebleau may have set the table for a little A-Rod – Kate Hudson hookup.

Per PopCrunch, Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez were spotted making out, locking lips and generally engaging all manner of tonsil-related hockey playing at an Upper East Side of Manhattan southwestern eatery last Friday. Solid.

Since his return from the disabled list (the DL where they place injured players to make way for another guy to play in their stead), A-Rod has been outstanding. The Yankees third baseman homered in his first at-bat back and the Bronx Bombers won seven games (including a 5 – 4 victory over the Twins the night that he and Kate Hudson were supposedly making out in the Upper East Side).

The story continues that a bartender actually closed down the back of the restaurant in which the alleged kissing festival, to keep gawkers (and dotspotters) from blowing up A-Rod's chances of stretching that single into a double (or even an inside-the-restaurant homerun).

While we're a little apprehensive that anything will come of this kiss-kiss bang-bang (or that it even happened), we feel that it's worth noting that we wholeheartedly endorse it. That's right, YourTango's Celeb Love thinks A-Rod and Kate Hudson make a nice couple. A-Rod has to be pretty psyched that he found someone closer to his own age, whom he happens to be much richer than. And Kate Hudson has to be amped that she's got a guy who isn't a sad pants entertainer (and has that possibly steroid enhanced body). Thank gawd that there's already a baseball player called K-Rod (Francisco Rodriguez), we would not be able to put up with that nickname on Kate and Alex (though Kate n' Alie could work). Read: No You're A Sweet Magoo, The Power Of Nicknames

What's up, Celeb Love fans, do you think A-Rod and K-Hud make a nice couple? Or should they stick to just making out in hotels, bars and restaurant-type places?

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