What The Cosby Show Taught Us About Life And Love

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We underestimated how much Cliff, Clair and the crew taught us about life and love.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Cosby Show, we've collected the ways the iconic family seared itself in our memories. We grew up during the Cosby's eight-season tenure, which meant for most of it, we were too young to fully appreciate the New Wave, bohemian-leanings of Denise, the Baby Boom-esque, working girl stylings of Sondra, and the strong, feminist undertones of Clair. But this isn't to say the residue of the family didn't linger in our psyches. While we didn't learn much about sex (The Cosbys were arguably the most wholesome family this side of the Bradys) we did take away some was universal love rules instead.

1.) Marriage And Children Don't Always Kill Lust

Far from the crabby married couple whose lust and romance have evaporated into stale companionship, Clair and Cliff Huxtable were the quintessential husband/wife team that managed to balance professional careers and five children with a grace that was annoyingly sexy. While nobody really wants to think about what happened behind closed doors (Clair and Cliff were kind of like our adopted TV parents: we just don't see them like that) you could tell the Mr. and Mrs. probably still got fairly steamy. Come to think of it, if you squint your eyes and comb through your classic TV files, many an episode ended in Clair and Cliff's bed, background music starting and Clair's naughty giggle as Cliff goes in for the kill. Watch The Key to a Sexy Marriage

2.) Fuzzy Family Structures Are A-Do

Perhaps you don't remember, but Sondra wasn't around during the pilot. Sondra wasn't around for almost half of the first season, either. Then one day, poof, enter Sondra. She didn't live at home, was a bit older and a little removed—almost as if she was a long-lost daughter from yesteryear welcomed into the tight-nit group of six. Right? Also, who can forget when Denise meets and falls in love with Martin, the military guy who already has a kid, Olivia? The Cosby's were a very "more is merrier"-type clan.

3.) Boys Do Funny Things To Impress Girls

Theo, the token Cosby boy, rode out puberty entertaining us in a multitude of episodes dedicated to scheming ladies. There was the time he got his ear pierced to impress a girl, and when it became horribly infected Cliff wants to get angry, but Grandpa reminds him of the time he burned off his hair while in the process of wooing a woman. Then there was the time Theo is so down and out about a girl that Cliff forms the Huxtable Man's Club, or when he wants to impress some chick with expensive clothing only to have Denise attempt a sloppy, homemade version. And how can we forget the complicated friendship of Rudy and Kenny? All it took (in the last season) was for Rudy to get a boyfriend and Kenny to go batty and pretend he was dating someone to make her jealous. Read: Handle Jealousy Like A Hot Chick