More Ways To Win McLeod's Daughters DVDs!

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How to win copies of the Australian TV series "McLeod's Daughters."

With many of our favorite TV shows wrapping up for the season, we're stocking up on DVDs of new series to sate us until our beloveds return in the fall. McLeod's Daughters was a hit series in Australia for eight seasons running. One lucky YourTango user has already won a set of the show's season-eight DVDs. We have four sets left to give away and four different ways to win them.

Please contribute your comments, advice or community blog posts by midnight EST on Tuesday, May 26 for your chance to win the final season of this women-ruling-the-ranch series. The best response to each post wins! Here's how to get involved:

1. Tomfoolery ponders the virtues of getting attached to a man with a ranch, and asks: Have you had a cowboy romance? Whether a fleeting two-step or a long-term love affair, tell us your tales of Wild West love. Click here to tell your tale to Tomfoolery.

2. We imagine love advice from a rough-and-tumble rancher would be as deep and beautiful as the lines on his weather-worn face. Wild imagination much? Maybe. But, we'll reward one lucky user for doling out just this sort of advice to a question asked in Ask YourTango. Click here to sound in on a user's love conundrum in Ask YourTango.

3. From Eric Bana to Rachel Griffiths, Australia's churned out some sexy stars. Our Celeb Love editors picked the top 10 Sexiest Australians, but we're sure we've left some sexy bloke or sheila off the list. Tell us which Aussie actor makes your heart throb and why. Click here to add to our Sexiest Australians list in Celeb Love.

4. Finally, with Father's Day around the corner and in honor of Jack McLeod, the character who left his ranch to his two daughters on the show, tell us what love advice you've received from your father. Write your own Community Blog post about the relationship advice you've recieved from your dad or from father-like figures in your life. Click here to write a Community Blog post about Love Advice From Dad. 

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