Chinese Demolish Sex Theme Park


"Love Land" to get plowed.

The place: Chongqing. The thing: "Love Land." The sentiment: "No sex please, we're Chinese." Per the AP, a sex-themed park in Chongqing (in the special municipality of Chongqing) was demolished by the order of Chinese authorities before it could open its doors to the public. Read: China To Debut A Sex Theme Park

The park is called "Love Land" and was invested in heavily by a businessman named Lu Xiaoqing. The goal of Mr. Lu's project was to educate park-goers about sexuality in general and sexual practices of exotic locales specifically. The Chinese government (AKA the Fun Police) didn't feel that the execution was up-to-snuff as large, anatomical renderings of reproductive organs seemed a bit on the salacious side.

While the US of A has a bit of schizophrenia regarding attitudes towards sex, so does China. The same country that feels squeamish about sexual education tacitly (though not officially) endorses prostitution. You'd think that a country with a legacy like the One-Child Policy would be terribly interested in teaching people birth control techniques. But alas, it's not in the cards. Perhaps members of the Politburo were a little intimidated by the size and dimensions of the enlarged genitalia. Maybe they feel it's best if everyone just finds out like the generation before did: fumbling through a series of embarrassing encounters until finally something clicks or they develop weird phobias and fetishes involving their own humiliation. And it's also possible that the Party was convinced that the interior municipality was going to be overrun by sex-crazed Japanese tourists. Who knows?

One bummer for the Chinese men is that they couldn't use the park as a state organ (heh) to drum-up propaganda against certain less-than-flattering ethnic stereotypes (you know, the Wang Legacy). The other disappointing part of the park being prematurely ejected is that some misinformed westerners will continue to be confused about the orientation of an Asian woman's lady business. "OH, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat."

Why couldn't they have just demolished Candyland, Sugarland or Thailand instead?