Kate's Secret Marriage Contract Allows Jon To Date

Kate Gosselin Marriage Contract
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The TLC star drew up a contract outlining the rules of their new relationship.

According to RadarOnline.com, Kate Gosselin gave her husband Jon a contract saying he could date outside their marriage so long as he showed up for filming of their hit reality show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Talk about an open relationship.

Kate's brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, spoke to RadarOnline.com exclusively divulging that Kate "told Jon their relationship is over and they should begin dating others." The mother of eight also whipped up a contract that outlined the terms and conditions of their newly broken marriage. "All we know is what Jon told us," Kreider said. "that Kate came to him with a contract saying he could have girlfriends and that he can do his own thing."

If "doing his own thing" translates into clubbing with 23-year-olds in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, then why is Kate being so crabby about Jon's late night antics? As far as we know, TLC filming doesn't take place between the hours of 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Plus, Jon was present at his sextuplet's fifth birthday party last Sunday and also made it a point to smile for the cameras. Sounds like he's living up to his end of the bargain. Read: Big Smilers Are Less Likely To Divorce

The question that remains is when TLC will dump America's sweethearts in favor of a family with less drama. The new season of Jon & Kate is set to air on May 25th but given that Kate couldn't even attract enough people to attend a Ronald McDonald fundraiser, we're doubtful that we'll be seeing her or her Eight Little Faces much longer.

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