Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett Possibly Dating

sienna miller

Sienna may be moving on from her recent affair by hooking up with this Pearl Harbor hottie.

Sienna Miller is possibly-maybe dating Hollywood hunk, Josh Hartnett. Though Sienna has recently been linked to married man Balthazar Getty, the Daily Mirror insists she has cleaned up her act and moved on to the very unmarried Hartnett. It seems there was "too much baggage" for the relationship to work out between Sienna and Balthazar. Read: 12 Relationship Red Flags

Supposedly, Josh and Sienna talk all the time via telephone and Sienna even took it upon herself to fly to New York to be with Josh when he was sick. 

"Josh and Sienna have a unique bond. They understand each other and I wouldn't be surprised if a relationship blossomed," a source said.

Of course, this isn't the first time the actors have been linked in the tabloids.  Josh and Sienna were reported to be dating as early as last fall. 

And breaking things off with Balthazar could help Sienna's career. Rumors have circulated that Sienna has lost roles, like playing Maid Marian in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood to Cate Blanchett, due to her less-than clandestine affair. (What? Hollywood can't have morals?)

Let's hope Josh and Sienna's relationship blossoms from kind-of/sort-of dating to a full-blown loving relationship. Read: Top 10 Alternatives To The Word "Boyfriend"

Scoop via Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.