Busy Woman's Wish List: A Man Wife

man ironing

What busy woman wouldn't want a man wife? Find out what happens when one gets her wish.

Many a busy woman with a jam-packed schedule has daydreamed about having a nice, cozy man-wife, with bulging biceps. After all, who wouldn't want to end the day with a home-cooked meal hot off the stove, a neatly made bed and a stack of freshly scented laundry....that's been pristinely ironed and folded. In Annie Sanders' new book, Busy Woman Seeks Wife, one woman gets just that.

But in this entertaining beach read, a man-wife wasn't exactly on career woman Alex Hill's wish list. Rather, she comes home one day expecting to find a woman caring for her aging mother and playing cards with her manicured housewife friend. Instead she finds an aspiring actor who is quite attractive and bakes a mean plate of brownies. This light read will be the perfect tag-along to your summer getaways.Watch: Recession-Style Dating

Once you get over the predictability of the storyline and a few stereotyped characters, that is. Take Alex, who's described by man-wife Frankie after their first encounter as such:

She rubbed her temples and closed her eyes for a moment...She looked exhausted, and for a moment Frankie felt quite sorry for her. It must be tough being a professional ballbreaker and he wondered what "her world" was.

Throughout the book, the reader is left to wonder if Alex, the helter-skelter career woman is going to be saved by her team of supporters: her mom, her best friend and this domesticated man who is fascinated by her. Before you can put the book away, you may surprisingly find yourself endeared to the characters, unable to stop thumbing pages lest you miss the juicy details unfold. Will Alex fall for Frankie? Will Frankie get his big break? Read what happens!

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