Airline Starts Matchmaking Service

couple on a plane

Better hope they look like their profile pic—you'll be trapped on a plane with them for hours.

If you're like us, a first date after a few flirty (insert dating website of your choice) e-mails means afternoon coffee in a well-lit cafe with lots and lots of people around. We don't even want to trap ourselves into dinner and drinks. And absolutely nothing, and we mean nothing, without a clear cut exit.

Well, don't tell that to the people who have signed up for Air New Zealand's matchmaking service. These singletons plan on meeting a viable partner online and in some cases sitting next to them on a plane for hours and hours before they've even met face to face.

Wow. While bidding adieu after a one-hour latte and scone is fairly easy, attempting to duck out of a $780 trip to New Zealand when your luggage has already been checked is advanced escape artistry. If we don't say so ourselves. Better hope they're as charming and attractive in person as they are in their profile. There are only so many bathroom breaks and glasses of wine one can do to distract themselves.

There are several routes one can take if they want to sign up. The site offers a U.S., Canadian and "Kiwi" boyfriend/girlfriend options, along with more generic "travel partners" (which is probably a safer bet) and the even farther removed "business contact."

Assuming the couple hits it off (and we'd say a long plane ride is a pretty good indicator), the two can dance the night away at the Grand Matchmaking Ball at Auckland’s SkyCity Grand hotel when they land. Then they can travel all over New Zealand together and come back to the states and feel free to never talk to one another again.

The first one is set to launch on October 13th from Los Angeles Airport. Better hurry and get your tickets!