Event: Dating Advice From The Man Panel


Ask "Why He Hasn't Called" and other big questions straight from the guys.

Ever wonder why he didn't call you? Find out tomorrow evening straight from the horse's mouth. I'll be live and direct from Lord & Taylor in Manhattan on a panel of guys talking 'bout the issues. The issues at hand this time around? Starting a relationship with a new guy and why his telephone calls aren't as timely as you'd like.

Tamsen Fadal (that's right, "Totally Tamsen" from the Pix11 Morning News) and her husband Matt Titus (renowned dating coach, author and on-air personality) have put together a four-week dating boot camp to solve early relationship problems. The two have authored a book called Why Hasn’t He Called? and are getting women through all manner of dating dilemmas.

The free seminar begins May 19th and is every Tuesday for a month (May 19, May 26, June 2 and June 9) at the Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue between 38th and 39th Street. The events last from 6 PM to 8 PM and the first 20 guests get a free personal pan pizza*.

The first event (May 19th, remember?) is a bit of a "know thy enemy/ future husband" introduction. "The Male Mind Revealed" will focus on single guys and culminate in a The Man Panel, a Q & A featuring four funny, handsome New York relationship experts. The Manel consists of Adam Rich (co-founder of the awesome Thrillist.com), Michael Somerville (author of the Glamour's "Jake: A Man's Opinion" and host of FLN's Wingman), Ted Scofield (COO of PFF Entertainment, manufacturer of the adult party game Sexy Slang, and a dead ringer for a likeable Joe Buck) and Tom Miller (bon vivant, author of Tomfoolery and me).

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