Love Bytes: The Things We Do For Love

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To lube or not to lube, God is the answer, and babies on board.

Love Bytes: Three must click sex, dating and relationship links.

Has lube become a replacement for foreplay? [College Candy]

Derrick* and I used to have great sex. We were both passionate, experimental, and great in bed (hey, confidence is a turn-on, right?). But lately we have been in a rut, and I blame it on lube.

Does inviting God into bed count as having a threesome? [The Huffington Post]

Baby drama in the new economy. How to deal? [Recessionwire]

But here's the thing: feminist or not, I don't want to miss out on the babies. Unexpectedly strong mommy impulse trumps Vulcan logic. And Marco's not ready to miss out on his career. He wants to keep being a creative, whether outside or inside the home, something I entirely understand. After two or three decades of "becoming," neither one of us wants to let our professional faculties go dormant.


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