The Truth About Date Movies

date movies
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Men and women have different preferences when it comes to movies.

Ah, date movies. Your chance to escape into a world where men are gallant, or at least endearingly flawed; where lovelorn boyfriends throw rocks at windows; where poor guys marry rich women; and couples kiss in fields of green grass without noticing the rain on their faces.

According to writer Keith Blanchard, date movies are "a little bit of pink syrup, a little bit of blue syrup; the spine of a love story and an evolving relationship for the ladies; some edgy jokes or a hot lingerie scene for the fellers." But, says Blanchard, guys never like them. "We go all right—but we're there because we want to see YOU. We always find something to watch and/or laugh at, but don't kid yourself: we definitely feel like we're taking one for the team." Read Blanchard's essay, "Why Guys Hate Date Movies"

Blanchard says date movies create unrealistic expectations about romance. "We fear the extent to which you buy into the fantasy—that date movies, even if consumed in the company of your girlfriends, raise unrealistic expectations. We worry that the next time you storm out after a fight, you won't be satisfied unless we chase you all the way to the airport, in the rain, running across the tops of cars, with a boom-box belting out your favorite song."

We wrote about a study that said romantic comedies warp women's brains. According the authors, "those who watched the romantic comedy were more likely to believe in fate and predestined love." Researchers hypothesized that rom-coms caused people "to communicate less and expect more."

Do date movies warp your brain? Why do you like them?  Let us know!