Couple Wins Titanic-Themed Wedding


Does anyone else have a sinking feeling about this wedding?

Forget rain on your wedding day.

A Milwaukee couple is heading into the sea of marital bliss surrounded by some unexpected artifacts—namely those from the Titanic.

Melissa Vartanian is planning to wed her fiance at the Milwaukee Public Museum's Titanic exhibit. Vartanian told the Journal Sentinel that it was her personal history with the Titanic that made it an ideal place for her wedding and also helped her win a local contest for an all-expense-paid wedding at the exhibit. How To Be A Good Wedding Guest Without Going Broke

Vartanian's grandfather, David, had fled fighting in the Ottoman Empire on the ill-fated Titantic. He had planned to move to the United States and send for his wife, Mary, but after the ship sank Mary believe David was dead. Due to the fighting in their homeland, he was unable to reach Mary for a number of years. It wasn't until 1923 that the couple finally reunited in the US.

When asked about the possible negative omens associated with the ship's tragic fate, Melissa had a different take on it.

"It was a tragedy, an absolute tragedy that happened," she told the newspaper. "The difference for my family is that it was ultimately about hope and freedom... For my family, it brought life."

Now, if not for the personal story attached to it, we think a Titanic-themed wedding might be one of those wedding don'ts. Wedding Day Disasters