Having Twins During The Recession

Having Twins During The Recession
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Finding the joy in having twins despite layoffs.

"Snake eyes!" said the doctor, rubbing the ultrasound wand back and forth and rotating the monitor so that both my husband Marco and I could see. I had no idea what he meant, but apparently Marco got it right away.

"Twins," the doctor translated. "There are two of them in there."Read: The New Way To Have It All: First Baby, Then Love

Snake eyes, I learned later, is what you say when you’re playing craps and you roll two ones. When you roll snake eyes, the lowest possible roll, the implication is that you might lose. But in this case, we had won.

After the initial chortles of glee, I sobered up. Marco is unemployed at 47. We live in 650 square feet. And we are having twins. Soon. Time to lower the price on our apartment. Time to start swimming to get in shape. Time to start worrying, for real now, about that practical of all practicalities: money, and particularly, money for childcare.Discuss: Recession Talk

I have no idea when our apartment will sell, or when Marco will find steady work, or how we’ll afford that night nurse that friends who have had twins tell me we just can’t live without. But I do know this:

When I think about the way dice have rolled, I feel nothing but lucky. Having two babies at once may be one of the least practical things one could do in the midst of a horrible recession. But we love each other. And we already love those space-alien-like beings swishing around on the screen, who still have more than five months to go. Let the chips fall where they may. We have a fortune inside.

—Written by Deborah Siegal for Recessionwire. Read the rest of the article at Recessionwire.com.

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