Wanda Sykes’ Wife Gives Birth To Twins


Comedian and her lady are proud new parents.

Wanda Sykes, who brought the house down at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, didn't show a bit of the exhaustion she must have been feeling. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star's wife of seven months, Alexandra, gave birth to fraternal twins on April 27, and we have heard that two-week-old babies can be a lot of work, so we now have even more respect for the splendid performance she turned in at the dinner.

Wanda and Alex named their new son Lucas Claude and daughter Olivia Lou, which are super adorable and normal baby names that are going to make all the Audio Sciences and Moxie Crimefighters on the playground green with jealousy. Wanda's representative says the babies and their moms "all are happy and healthy and at home."

Wanda, who was divorced from record producer David Hall in 1998 after a seven-year marriage, came out at a rally against California's Proposition 8 ballot measure in November, announcing that she had been married to Alex a few weeks earlier. They met on the ferry to New York's Fire Island in 2006. "If we had equal rights, we shouldn't have to be standing out here demanding something that we automatically should have as citizens of this country," she said in November. "They have pissed off the wrong group of people!" Read More About Same-Sex Marriage

Wanda and Alex's new arrivals are just the latest additions to the bumper crop of Hollywood tots making appearances this year. We wish the family all the best. Mazel tov!

Via People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.