Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?

Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant
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More than two dozen men are holding their breath to find out.

Lindsay Lohan is wondering where she was seven weeks ago and more importantly, who she was sleeping with. Between updating her online dating profile, rediscovering heterosexualism and vacationing with friends, the star's been so busy she forgot to keep track of who may have gotten her pregnant.

That's right. Pregnant.

According to blogger Ian Halperin, a close source confirmed that Lindsay is indeed seven weeks pregnant. "I swear she's carrying," the source said. "She’s going through big emotional turmoil. She’s not sure if she’ll have it or go through with an abortion that she booked to have in the next few days. Saddest part is she has no idea who the father is."

It wasn't Sam. That's for sure. Despite the duo's reoccurring sleepovers, we're pretty sure this was a man's doing. The question is, which one? The same source says that Lindsay has "slept with more than two dozen men in the past couple of months.” Poll: How many sexual partners have you had in the last 12 months?

According to Page Six, Lindsay's been in "constant contact" with 90210 star Keelan Lutz and has also been hanging out with a British photographer named Chris Jepson. A source says she and Jepson were "inseparable" at a Hollywood house party and spent some time in the bathroom together. A long time. 

Could it be the couple were held up in there waiting for the results of Lindsay's latest e.p.t? Or perhaps they were picking out baby names while washing each other's hair. Read: 4 Sexy Spring Ideas To Spice Up Your Love Life

Maybe Lindsay does know who the father is after all and she's just toying with the other two dozen fellas in an effort to teach them a lesson about safe sex and responsible fatherhood.

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