Why the men decide to make us crazy

Why the men decide to make us crazy

Guys can really get into your skin- Let me tell you one of my stories and what i learned from it.

I was dating the CEO of my company for about 7 months. Everything was fine... he was older, but he had money so all was peachy. But then a new guy joined the company, god was he beautiful, i fell in love and the rest was history. Here's a few things i did wrong in the beginning:

#1- I wasn't honest with my current boyfriend and lied even if the new guy texted me. (men arn't stupid ladies)
#2- I wasn't honest with the new boy becuase and told him i was single because i didn't want him to think diffrently of me becuase of who i was with... i didn't want him thinking i was a gold digger.

So here i was in this love triangle which turned out to be a very very big mess and it all trickled down to honesty. In my head.. i knew somebody was going to get hurt, but i kept going.. and i kept seeing both men. It caught up to me and stabbed me hard. I lost relationships with both men for awile but the new man forgave me and i persued him a little more becuase well, i was still madly in love with him.

2 months after all this.... i decide to move in with my new man, twi hours away from my hometown. MISTAKE NUMBER 3. That only made things worse and i ended up hating him. in every arguement he would always brought up how I lied to him. It got really hard and made me feel like shit. He wasn't taking care of me and sometimes i wondered if he even cared. I was still in love, but he fell out of love.

Also at this time his ex was trying to get him back, and one day that i'll never forget... he asked me to pack up and leave and a week later... she moved in. I was hurt, devistated, and felt betrayed. I SACRIFICED EVERYTHING FOR HIM! My stability in my life, my family got hurt (i come from a very christian family that believes it not to be right to move in with someone before marriage), and lost all my friends back at home. I did all this for him and he did this to me? I could barely breathe.

I gathered up my belongings and moved back home, got my old job back and everyone was waiting for me with open arms. It felt good to be back, but still hurt, and for some reason (even tho he treated me like shit) i still missed him.

It took me awile to get over him, and his relationship with his ex only lasted a month.

Now i have a fabulous career, men lining up to be with me, and a fresh outlook on life. He sees this and he's been constantly trying to get me back. This is what i'm doing:

1- i'm playing stay away... i say hi to him, answer when he calls (but i'm never the one to call/text first!)
2- I display on my myspace/facebook if i'm going out on a date with anyone that night.
3- I make it obvious that i'm happy with life and act like i don't have a care in the world.
4- when he says "i want you back baby i'm sorry" I SAY-- "PROVE IT"

Ladies, please learn from my mistakes-
-Honesty is really the best policy, try really hard to be honest even if it's difficult.
-If he breaks your heart, instead of breaking his face (or car), do it tactfully. Don't give him power, take it back.

Mwah ladies.