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Get Love And Sex Advice From A Superstar


Legendary editors Helen Gurley Brown and Bonnie Fuller team up to bring you love and sex advice.

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Need love, sex, dating or marriage advice? YourTango is giving you a chance to ask the ultimate expert: Helen Gurley Brown.

Gurley Brown is the legendary editor who turned Cosmopolitan magazine from a family-oriented literary magazine into the institution is it today. Gurley Brown helmed the magazine for 30 years and during this time published thousands of articles on women, the single life, sex, dating and the like.

In addition to creating a women's magazine juggernaut, Gurley Brown penned several advice books, including Sex and the Single Girl, Having It All: Love, Success, Sex, Money Even If You're Starting With Nothing (spawning thousands of articles debating if one can, indeed, have it all—including some on this very website), Sex and the Office and The Late Show: A Semiwild but Practical Survival Plan for Women over 50.

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