A Jon & Kate Plus 8 Update

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Kate Gosselin hits the talk show circuit and discusses her book and infidelity allegations.

Just when you thought the Jon & Kate Plus 8 situation couldn't get any weirder, it has.

Last time around, Jon Gosselin's "affair" with 23-year old third-grade teacher Deanna Hummel was "confirmed" by her incredibly shady brother (more from the New York Daily News on that). Though Ms. Hummel and Jon both deny the affair, it still makes us sad. Not because we're terribly concerned about Kate's feelings, but because there's a reality show family involved. 

Now it looks like the shoe may be on the other foot. Over at Perez Hilton, they mention that Kate Gosselin may have gotten this whole cheating carousel going 'round by getting too close with either her personal trainer or her bodyguard ("and I-ee-I will always love you-ooooooo"), Mr. Gray. While P-Nasty's quite negative opinion of Kate gives us a little pause, it seems at least remotely plausible.

While promoting her book, Eight Little Faces, Kate made a swing by the Today show… sans Jon. She plays it pretty close to the vest and maintains her husband's innocence. Check out her go on Today (they have to figure out how to get Hoda more involved with that show).

Irrespective of that rumor's veracity, we do know that Kate has been less-than-sympathetic to Jon's alleged plight. On Larry King Live last week, the reality show starlet told Larry that part of the problem was Jon's inability to factor his new fame into his decision-making, to borrow a line from The Streets, "Right see the thing that's got it all f*cked up now is camera-phones." Check out her back-and-forth with Larry (notice she never asks him if she can finish) on CNN.