Comment of the Day 05/11

Comment of the Day 05/11
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This weekend we received a lot of great comments ranging from infidelity to boob exercises. Although sadly, they are not occurring at the same time. I loved this comment by user julie43, who weighted in on the hefty subject of infidelity. She writes

I found out 10 weeks ago that my husband of 5 years has had no less that 4 affairs. This has been devastating to me. However, as stupid as this sounds, this is a man I still love. I asked him if he loved any of these women; his answer was "Oh GOD no!" After I got over my tears and yelling, I realized there had to be a reason this was happening. I chose to go to counseling and pushed him to join me. Together, we are discovering quite a lot about the things that were missing from our marriage and things that we can do that we can do to work on this relationship. During this time, I've never hated my husband nor really wanted him to leave, I merely knew something was really, really wrong. He works out of town and had the affairs while away from home. Building trust is hard and I do find myself worrying constantly, but we are learning new respect for each other, and he is working hard to rebuild that trust. I do believe that my finding out about his infidelities has had a positive effect overall. This has forced me to really look at our relationship in a brutally honest light and I am able to assess that there were problems I was in denial about. I am grateful we are working on things and I am certain that with time we will get through this and find our union much stronger.

It's a sign of a strong relationship that you two can weather a storm like that. Thanks Julie! Over on a completely different article, "Me, My Husband And My Baby: Who Owns My Breast?" User LyndaW gives us her take on the boob debate, explaining how she did her booby exercises to keep her ladies perky? Did that arouse your interest? Well, Lynda explains what booby exercises are...

you get an large orange or grapefruit, make a diamond with your arms-elbows level with breast/heart, put orange between hands and squeeze the orange using your chest muscles and shoulder/upper arm muscles not lower arm or hands. Found a greener/firmer orange works better than a really rip one. Gave a whole new meaning to fresh squeezed orange juice! ha ha Squeeze-release-count 1 squeeze-release-count 2-do 10 minimum. Then hold orange over head, holding orange with both hands, arms straight, squeeze orange count 1, bring down 2 inches squeese count 2, bring down squeeze 3 until orange is level with nose or adams apple (if we had one)-Next get 2 gallons of milk/water-or what ever-place them on a table or counter and lift straight up, don't angle or go higher, than nipple/center chest height-one gallon per arm, lift left put down, then lift right put down = 1 do 5 min . Then turn sideways, grab gallon on counter and lift, with elbow bent, then strighten as if in a sideways punch until arm is straight out to the side level with shoulder. This took awhile for me, and when straighten you will be at an angle not level with shoulder, only lift as high as is comfortable with a little pull in the chest and under arm muscles. Do minimum 5 then switch to other arm.

I think that will work waaay better than just chanting, "We must, we must, we must increase our busts."


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