Wolfboy Gets A Dating Show


Man suffering from disease causing thick, black facial hair gets a dating show. Sounds hot.

We sort of vaguely remember the pop cultural phenom known as 'The Wolfboy.' Wolfboy is Larry Ramos Gomez, a 31-year-old man suffering from hypertrichosis, a disorder which causes thick, black hair to cover one's face.

He took the public by storm a few years back, appearing on The Maury Povich Show, Ripley's Believe It Or Not and a variety of news programs. Before then he was peddling his disease in Mexican circuses.

So, yeah, Gomez isn't exactly what we would call shy. But is there a market for him on the dating show circuit of all places? The breeding ground for shallowness and below the belt disses and zingers? Really?

Today Variety.com reported that Zoo Prods. is developing a "docusoap"-style show trailing Gomez on his quest to find love. He's recently divorced from his wife and ready to find some ladies. The creators seem earnest in keeping the content quasi-intelligent and humanitrian—they want Wolf Boy to kick down that cumbersome "freak factor category" and be seen as a normal guy.

Of course, as they admit, content depends on what network is interested. But as of late, they have no desire to incorporate rose-giving antics, midnight rendezvous or skanky hot tubs full of silicone-enhanced ladies.

Which is a shame for Wolfboy in all honesty. Talk about kicking a guy when he's down.