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John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards
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Guys & strip clubs, when to move in and pregnant women are smug.

It looks like today is shaping up to be a gorgeous day. It's Military Spouse Appreciation Day, so thank a military spouse if you bump into one. You probably also know that Mother's Day less than 48 hours away, so do something considerate (it doesn't have to be sincere). At any rate, the best of love on the web this week:

In honor of the forthcoming Mother's Day, Em & Lo turn motherly wisdom into sex advice. The may have missed "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye," but who's counting? 

Over at Wowowow, Murphy Brown (the talented Candace Bergen) gives us an earful on the John Edwards situation. Wow (owow), Johnny Haircut may have just become this generation's Dan Quayle. Read: Why Powerful Men Cheat

College Candy tries to figure out why guys like strip clubs so much using instant messager. I don't know about anyone else, but I go for the shame and the off-chance I'll forget my credit card there and have to come back during daylight hours. 

The Frisky explores the idea of not breaking up with someone until you have someone else lined up. Yeah, like when you quit a job. Solid citizen.

On a similar (but totally opposite) path, a user over at Shine asks when is the best time to move in with a partner. The nutshell answer is: when you get married or when someone's lease is up, whichever happens first.

The clique over at College Humor has a great video exploring what would happen if the kids from Twilight if they did try to get it on. That Edward is a smooooooooth operator. 

While we're on the video scene, Cracked has a message for the worldand that message is "pregnant women are smug." Pass it along, we can put an end to the nine-month self-satisfaction flu by the end of 2010 (yes, that is Kate Micucci from Scrubs, that was sweet of you for noticing).

Lemondrop teaches ladies how to pick up a good-looking bartender. Surprisingly, it doesn't involving drinking until you fall off of a stool (there is more than one way to skin a cat). Can't wait for the follow-up on how to score a homely bar-back. 

Glamour's Married Jake asks his readers where they draw the line sexually adventurousness. Number one answer: anything that involves men who write for ladies magazines (aw crap). 

Over at the Huffington Post (the kids in my neighborhood call it the HuPos), they've an impassioned plea for comprehensive sex-ed. It makes sense. This sounds like a job for the PTA! 

And Marie Claire has a smart, first-person essay about how a decreased libido caused by antidepressants actually improved a man's dating life. Now I've heard everything.

Wait, from YourTango's home office, how a woman's sex life was improved by her pregnancy... Now I've heard everything.

Any links I may have missed, send 'em my way. Say hello to your mother for me.

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