Comment of the Day 05/08/09


In response to the article "Against Cheating: A Man's Perspective", user Parisienne writes

Boredom, sexual stagnation and whatnot are all normal, predictable
side-effects of marriage and monogamy. This doesn't give ppl license to
screw around! It gives them license to be creative, innovative and
interactive with their spouses/partners to create new and interesting
ways to love each other. Its like letting soil get dry, and caked in
the garden. Without nutrient-rich soil there can't be new and
interesting flowers to bloom in every season of life. If you focus on
your partner and re-energizing the love that is the baseline of the
relationship then you can never fail in the bedroom!

Let that be your lesson this Friday. Tend your gardens people. Tend your gardens. Wiser words were never spoken....No wait, they were, by Voltaire a long time ago. (Maybe we should call this "Obscure Reference of the Day? Thank goodness for wikipedia. Now people get my jokes.) But we like Parisienne's up to date interpretation. Keep up the great comments!