Will Fergie And Josh Duhamel Break Up Over Baby?

Josh Duhamel and Fergie

The newlyweds are at odds over how to start a family.

Now that Fergie's gone brunette, there's no way she's ditching the dye job just to deliver a few babies. Her roots are cause alone to consider adoption.

The 33-year-old singer has decided that her career, which includes a Candie's ad campaign, countless chart-topping singles and a Grammy award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, is more important than gaining a few pounds for the sake of pregnancy. Instead, she feels that that adoption is the way to go. Read: Adopted Man Finds Birth Mother At Work

Hubby Josh Duhamel, on the other hand, doesn't feel as strongly about having his black eyed peas implanted in another woman's uterus. Josh would rather Fergie have the baby herself, a natural request to make of one's newly wedded spouse. A source recently told the National Enquirer "Josh has told Fergie that if she can take time off to have their baby, he's more than willing to play Mr. Mom after the child is born"

As much as we'd love to see this gorgeous Las Vegas leading man transform into a stay-at-home dad, we think Fergie should just lighten up and get herself knocked up. Countless celebrities have taken time off to have a baby and bounced back bigger than ever.

Photo courtesy of Splash News.