Eliminate All MIL Arguments with DH

Eliminate All MIL Arguments with DH

Never complain about your mother-in-law to your husband.
I did this for a few years and this simply does not work! As tempting as it may be, strive to never put your husband in the middle – he will not appreciate being asked to take sides, may or may not defend you, and you will end up feeling far worse than before.

Daughter-in-law tip: Call your best girlfriend or your own mother, but make sure that your husband is not within earshot.

He does not like the thought of you talking about his mother (or any family arguments) in a derogatory way to anyone. It may not seem fair, but this is how he feels so it’s best to not let him overhear you discussing anything to do with his mother’s latest interesting take on the state of your domain!

Never let your husband catch you imitating your Mother-in-law’s voice.
Although this is something that I’m sure many women all over the world have done in order to diffuse some of the tension that they might be feeling over an unwanted comment, unsolicited advice or some other remark that might be foreign to your sensitivity palette, make sure that your husband does not catch you doing the deed.

Daughter-in-law tip: You beloved will simply not find humor in it, and you may end up in yet another argument which is what you are striving to avoid at all costs! If you must, sign up for that Tuesday night comedy improv class you’ve always wanted to take, and imitate away! But try to avoid the English accent, if at all possible.

Save all your gripes for your trusty I.N.C.S. for D.I.L.Z. template.
Simply Identify the problem, Note what was done/said, Create a rule title, and Set up a solution for those Daughter-In-Law Zings that come hurtling your way at every possible moment!

Daughter-in-law tip: Jot ’em down and have some fun creating a personalized set of rules customized for your very own mother-in-law. You will be amazed when you start putting them into action, just how effective your own rules can be for drastically reducing those D.I.L.Z., and you might even begin to enjoy creating your very own Daughter-in-Law Rules book. It’s fun once you get the hang of it and you might even be surprised when you end up having a genuine like for one-another!