Recessionwire Likes Us! They Really Like Us!

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YourTango gets two thumbs up from Recessionwire.

Our friends over at Recessionwire did a little write-up about us. Apparently, they like how YourTango and our founder, Andrea Miller, is handling the economic downturn that has hit so many other media groups. The Recessionwire crew would know: After getting cut loose in the downturn, they started the pop-up site to highlight the good in the sea of gloom. Full disclusure: we're content partners with Recessionwire, but we didn't ask them to write this! 

Writes Recessionwire co-founder Laura Rich:

When your industry is shrinking like Lily Tomlin in that movie, what can you do to keep your growth on track?

As a few of the victims of the Great Media Meltdown of 2008, we're impressed by anyone who's found a way to beat that incredible shrinking business. Andrea Miller's story is pretty compelling.

Miller is the CEO and founder of Tango Media, which publishes, a website about love and relationships, with about 700,000 monthly visitors. After an early incarnation as a magazine, Tango launched as a website and, last fall, as something else altogether.

The article also highlighted the innovations YourTango made in the WordPress and Drupal communities.

"There was quite a lot of buzz around Tango in the tight-knit WordPress community," says Miller. "We helped prove that WordPress could do much more than be a blogging platform; we used it as a full-fledged, interactive CMS."

But WordPress had its shortcomings, even for the whizzes at Tango, and as the company looked to move into more interactivity and user-generated content, the tech question came up again. And again, Miller chose to pair open source with the crack team she had on hand.

"We decided to move to Drupal because we wanted to create a rich social media environment and highly scalable CMS," she says. "At the time, WordPress hadn’t released the tools we'd need to do this effectively. Now we’re similarly customizing and innovating around Drupal. We are leveraging technology in a variety of additional ways from creating an iPhone app to implementing Facebook Connect to creating social media tools and algorithms to facilitate a richer community experience."

Thanks guys! Make sure you call us up when you're in need of love advice.

Read the entire article at Recessionwire.