Comment of the Day 05/07

Comment of the Day 05/07

In case you didn't get the memo, there is a contest going on over here. We want your best love advice and you could win Season 8 of McLeod's Daughter's, which is a great way to beat the upcoming summer TV blues. Well, that and Hulu. There is some great advice going on over there. Check it out and add your own 2¢.

One piece of advice that made me laugh this morning comes from Jane Wilcox AKA AZangel99. She writes:

If you REALLY want a comitted, loyal and loving partner - get a dog.

Okay, while I hope she isn't right, I appreciate her honesty. What do you think? What's the best love advice you've been given or learned? My grandma once told me that the best thing about being a modern woman was that you don't have to get married. "Think long and hard before you agree to get hitched," she said. "You have so many choices and options and there is so much information out there. No need to go into anything blind like we used to do."

Grandma is right (isn't she always?). And that's why I love hearing from ya'll.


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