White Lies In Relationships

woman biting lip
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Big deal or no sweat?

You told your boyfriend about the lunch you had with your colleague, but forgot to mention it was with a hottie man who works on another floor. He told you his age, kind of, but rounded off to the nearest zero. They're tiny little stretches of the truth, meant to do no harm. Instead white lies are spouted to spare your partner's feelings and be polite. But are these fibs doing harm to your relationship?

According to Vicki Santillano, writing for DivineCaroline, most people tell a white lie at some point every day. She cites research from social scientist Bella DePaula showing that students lie in one out of every three conversations and that adults lie in one out of every five. Watch: When It's OK To Lie To Your Boyfriend

But these are told mostly to be polite or spare another person's feelings. "A little fabrication is mandatory in order to function within society. In fact, one social psychologist studying liars found that people who lie are often more popular than their honest peers. Telling white lies here and there keeps others happy and keeps us in their good graces," writes Santillano.

We're not so convinced that ignorance, especially in terms of our romantic relationships, really is bliss. Problem is, when a lie is uncovered it can shatter every shred of trust that was built between a man and a woman in a partnership. We say: We'd rather know what's really going on in our partner's life or what he's really thinking than be told any old thing to keep a shiny, wide smile on our face with eyes glossing over.

Readers, what are your thoughts? White lies: OK or not in your relationship?