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Comment of the Day 05/06

Comment of the Day 05/06

Cheating doesn't have enough supporters. So it's sometimes refreshing to see a user come along and turn the conventional wisdom on it's head. Bluesmomma2 tells us that sometimes, she thinks cheating can help a couple.

"I have seen many couples who too frequently "grow apart" permanently. When handled carefully a bit of a "filler" (emotional or sexual) can actually free a person to re-focus on their "real life." Ideally, the couple would set boundries and "let" their spouse have the experience....but then, most people live in too much fear of loss."

While, Bluesmomma2 gives us advice that seems to run against the grain of what we often think, it's a well thought out comment and we love different perspectives! Thanks Bluesmomma2!


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