Dating, Adventurist Style

couple hiking

Can't get enough of the great outdoors? Meet your match on one of these adventure dating sites.

Tired of the same old dinner-and-a-movie dating dance? If you're more of an outdoorsy type by nature why wait until later in the dating cycle to see if the person you're pairing up with shares the same passion for nature? Start off instead with an adventure date—hiking on the trails, kayaking down the river or sailing away into the sunset. Do so and you could be ginormous steps ahead in the compatibility game.

A new cottage industry has cropped up and it's catering to natural-born adventurers who prefer spending weekends in the great outdoors to pacing stuffy indoor spaces. Check out or a company named Events and Adventures (based in Florida but with a branch in Washington, DC).

Or seek out adventure clubs in your area. New York City has a popular club known as The Adventure Society, a social organization that organizes thrilling weekend adventure trips for singles in a less date-like and more friend-making setting. Activities offered vary from wine tasting in nearby vineyards to horseback riding to hang gliding, hiking and kayaking. How is that for breathtaking adventure? Throw in the possibility of making a match? That's what we call a weekend. If you're seeking someone who shares your yen for the great outdoors, one of these niche dating companies is definitely a good place to start. You may find yourself planning that destination wedding (Fiji, anyone?) sooner than you thought!