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Check out who won our McLeod's Daughters giveaway.

In honor of Mother's Day 2009, the YourTango staff collected love advice from our mothers.

We also asked you, devoted YourTango readers, to share your best love life advice with us for the chance to win a McLeod's Daughters Season 8 DVD set.

The caliber of your responses stunned us. Unfortunately, we could choose but one lucky winner: Qverb!

Here's a sample of the advice he had to share with us:

Its funny...the things that stick with you, little lessons you live your life by. I clearly remember my father telling me once, when I was about 6 and not particularly wanting all of the food put on my plate, "Eat the stuff you don't like first, and the stuff you like most'll taste even better!" He doesn't remember it, of course he doesn't remember what he saw on TV last night, but it's funny how a little saying like that can take root and be a guideline for many aspects of your life.

Read the rest of Qverb's love advice in the comments below.

Thank you to everyone who contributed your heartfelt, ever-wise advice. If you didn't win this contest, there are still other opportunities to win McLeod's Daughters DVDs. Check out Tomfoolery's "Cowboy Romance" giveaway for more details.

Winner of a host of Australian television awards, McLeod's Daughters aired on Australian TV for eight seasons. Seasons 1-3 aired in the States on WE (Women's Entertainment) from 2004 until March 2006. The show chronicles two estranged sisters who—with the help of some very wise and hardworking women—reconcile and run their father's ailing ranch after he passes away.