Adoption In Eva Longoria's Future?

Adoption In Eva Longoria's Future?

Why this housewife is desperate for a baby.

According to E!Online, Eva Longoria Parker may want to adopt her own child after working with Padres Contra El Cáncer (Parents Against Cancer) for which Eva acts as National Spokesperson.

Just recently, Eva volunteered to be part of a car rally and scavenger hunt that also benefited the Childrens Hosptial Los Angeles. Events like these, among others, have inspired the starlet to consider adoption as a possibility.Read: How Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life

"Every time I work with the kids from Padres, my heart just explodes with happiness and joy because they're so inspiring," Eva said. "They're resilient and they're hopeful and they're happy. They're amazing human beings, and to go through something like that and yet still be as strong as they [are], it really inspires me. I could only wish to have children as strong as the kids I've worked with."

Though Eva and her basketball player husband Tony Parker do not have any children currently, Eva has been baby crazy for months.

She told People Magazine back in July of 2008 that she "can’t wait" to have kids. And she may just be raising her family overseas in the land of love, wine, and romance-France.Read: The Secret To Dating Like A French Woman

"In like 20 years," Eva said. "It's way off. So, no, we're not moving anytime soon."

Despite the fact that Eva’s Desperate Housewives character has blamed her boring and frumpy lifestyle on her children, it is clear Eva has none of these qualms. Read: Baby Blues: You're Ready, He's Not!

Now it just remains to be seen if Eva is trying to rival adoption-addict and fellow do-gooder Angelina Jolie. Babies everywhere are celebrating their good fortune.

Scoop courtesty of E!Online. Photo courtesy of Splash News.