Russell And Holly: New Couple?


The former Girl Next Door and the British bad boy dined together in Las Vegas.

Apparently getting over Criss Angel is as easy as getting under someone else, as Hugh Hefner's former No. 1 girl Holly Madison (or maybe she was No. 2 or No. 3. We never could figure that show out) was spotted over the weekend enjoying the rakish company of MTV VMAs host and scruffy rogue Russell Brand. "Russell and Holly were flirting with each other all night," a source told E! Online.

The two had dinner at Tao in Las Vegas, where Russell was promoting his autobiography, My Booky Wook, and also hanging out with Diddy, as you do. His Forgetting Sarah Marshall spinoff, a buddy comedy focused on his character, dissipated British rocker Aldous Snow, called Get Him to the Greek, begins filming in Vegas this month. Holly was attending the Playmate of the Year party at the Palms, where she spent some time with Hef, reminiscing, we bet, about all the good times, like how much he enjoys a soft-boiled egg and never wearing pants that require a belt. Hooking Up: Liberation or Desperation?

Since leaving the Playboy Mansion, Holly has spent time on Dancing With the Stars, where she was, well, less than ballroom-perfect, and dated the cheesy illusionist Angel. We wouldn’t blame her for trading up to someone equally bizarre-looking, but infinitely more entertaining.

Brand, for his part, has hit his career stride since his BBC radio show was canceled last year after some obscene phone calls to former Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs sparked a tempest in a teacup—his standup special premiered on Comedy Central in March and Greek has already attracted a flock of celebrity cameos, including Pink, Katy Perry, and Christina Aguilera. "[In the movie] Aldous Snow has gone back on drugs and Jonah Hill is his friend and they go on many adventures together. It’s very exciting," Brand told Jimmy Fallon in March.

Via E! Online. Photo courtesy of Splash News.