Guys Get Help Down There With Push-Up Briefs


Men are totally jealous of our push-up bras. Yes, they are.

We think we know what will be secretly etched on every (cough, insecure, vain, cough) man's birthday wish list: Push-Up Briefs!

Ha! Never again do we want to hear about our triple-padded, technologically advanced, uber-lifting 2.0 Victoria's Secret bra being "false advertising."

A Croatian designer, Roland Lodoli,  has created boxer briefs with a padded pocket that literally takes a man's family jewels and "thrusts the contents up and out." He says they're selling like hot cakes at his shop in Zagreb, Croatia.

While we can't fathom first hand what that would truly feel like, sounds sort of painful, no? But like they say; beauty is pain, and yes, feel the pain, fellas. We're expected to wear high heels, for godsakes.

Just in time for summer, Lodoli says he's working on a swimwear line so the men he designs for will "never have to feel ashamed on the beach again"

Right. Afterall, what self-respecting guy doesn't want to walk around like he's got a "thrusted" boner amongst families and children playing in the sand at the seashore?

(note to self: visit Croatia this summer)