Posh And Becks House-Hunting In Italy


Glorious Beckham family may desert America for Europe. Woe!

David and Victoria Beckham are mulling a move for their family from Los Angeles to Italy, The Daily Mail reports. David has been on loan from Major League Soccer's L.A. Galaxy to AC Milan since last fall, and did not return to play for the Galaxy when the MLS season began in March, as he was expected to do. Victoria was in Italy to celebrate her husband’s 34th birthday over the weekend, and reportedly looked at houses (er, estates. Mansions. Whatever you look at if you're Victoria Beckham).

The Daily Mail's source speculates that Victoria has been disappointed with L.A., where she does not enjoy the same level of fame that she does in Europe. "Victoria is going off L.A. and was embarrassed that her designs didn't take off there," the source says. "They did well in the U.K. and she accepts that Europe is a better market for her." Question: Should you move for your relationship?

The Beckhams might have another reason for moving to Italy after their sons finish the school year in California, and it's the best reason we’ve ever heard for relocating: "David has become friendly with George Clooney, who lives near Lake Como," The Mail's source brags. Previous reports have said the issue of where to live has caused problems in the Beckhams' relationship, saying Victoria was unhappy living in Spain while David played for Real Madrid and doesn't want to move their three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, to a country where they don't speak the language.

Regardless of whether the Beckhams make the move (no! Victoria, don't go! We love you!), we find it refreshing that they're at least waiting till their sons finish the school year. Kids, even adorable, famous, frequently costumed break-dancing kids, need continuity, and it’s lovely that even though their posh mom threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium wearing high-heeled sneakers a few years ago, she's down-to-earth enough as a mom that she's not uprooting them and scampering off to another country mid-term. Maybe Brad and Angelina could take some notes when their kids are school age.

Via The Daily Mail. Photo courtesy of Splash News.