How To Speak Easy In Your Relationship

Couple on couch not talking
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Oxytocin makes it easier for couples to talk by reducing anxiety.

Where there is a relationship, there is inevitably conflict.

When figuring out how to solve these issues, the experts pretty much agree on one solution: communication. So if the answer to our problems is at our fingertips, why is it so difficult for us to simply talk about it? After all the art of speaking is uniquely human. Whatever the road block, turns out our hormones might help us move past it.

ScienceDaily reports the natural hormone oxytocin, often referred to as the "love hormone," may actually help couples communicate. Oxytocin is naturally present during orgasm and when women breastfeed; the synthetic version, Pitocin, is used to help induce labor. Time recently reported that a synthetic oxytocin nasal spray has been seen to reduce anxiety and shyness, and to increase generosity.

Texting, email, Facebook and other technology have already changed the way couples communicate. While it might be easier to text "You forgot to take out the garbage" than to bring it up at the dinner table, dodging face-to-face discussion will ultimately make it harder. Like any manufactured drug, using oxytocin may be able to reduce that anxiety, making conversation easier and communication better. But if we use it once, will we ever be able to communicate anxiety-free without it?

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As the adage goes, practice makes perfect. Perhaps the only real way to reduce communication anxiety is to do it early on in a relationship and often throughout. That way, your mind and body will be accustomed to the ancient act of conversation, with or without the big O(xytocin) present.