Songstress Pink Still Into Dudes

carey hart, pink

Says bisexual quote was fabricated by tabloid News Of The World.

In case you missed it this weekend, sometimes members of the media (and the blogerati) take things a little too literally. This time around, old Pink was (evidently mis)quoted as saying something like*, "it's cool, I swing both ways, homes."

PopEater, wisely takes the entire matter with a modicum of incredulity as the original source is the News Of The World. Unfortunately, sometimes tabloids get it right (the same way that a broken clock gets it right twice a day) and the blogs feel they can't just totally ignore them (big thanks to the National Enquirer on the John Edwards scandal for this new, incredibly grudging respect for things that sell at the supermarket checkout).

Pink's representatives were not happy with this sensationalism. Per StarPulse, the sometimes sad, party music singer says that any quote regarding her sexuality was "fabricated." Good to know.

Maybe this caught a little buzz because it wasn't too terribly difficult to believe. Hmm? In addition to having a bit of a (SORRY) sometimes-butch look, a large gay following and her comments regarding switching teams for Natalie Portman, her situation with ex-husband current-something Carey Hart makes things murky. Their incredibly amicable split and committed friendship made some people wonder if there was an extra, non-relationship reason for the split. C'mon, Carey Hart is such a cool dude that he wears sunglasses anytime he wants to. He's such a cool dude that he agreed to star in a video about their breakup ("So What"). And lastly, Pink seems to detest John Mayer and, for some reason, it seems the only straight women who don't dig the singer-songwriter-tweeter are women he's dated.

In summary, Pink's still into just dudes, but some people can maybe be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Except for News Of The World, they'll probably be sued.

*Note: The actual supposedly phony baloney quote was, "not embarrassed about being bisexual." We felt our made up paraphrased quote cut to the chase a little better than the other made up quote.

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