The Bobbitts Meet Again

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Family, Sex

16 years after the castration incident that shocked the world, John Wayne and Lorena talk.

John, not surprisingly, considers himself the bigger victim. "It was a life and death situation," he said of the night Lorena cut off his penis. "I was bleeding to death. There was so much blood that I was losing...It was one of the most terrifying things I ever went through."

Other high points of The Insider reunion included John's demands that Lorena explain why it happened, and Lorena's confession that she didn't remember anything from that night.

Afterwards, talking to CBS's The Early Show, Lara Spencer said that, while it might have seemed tense, both Lorena and John appreciated the opportunity to talk to each other in a controlled setting.

"By the end of it, there was closure. And they both really were thankful we had done it."

The meeting between the Bobbitts was the first, not only on camera, but since the trials in 1994. During the trials, he was acquitted of spousal rape charges while she was acquitted of assault charges for reasons of insanity. Afterwards, Lorena underwent a 45-day period of evaluation at a mental hospital. John went on to face a multitude of additional domestic abuse charges from subsequent partners.

Lorena and John have been divorced since 2005.