The Bobbitts Meet Again

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16 years after the castration incident that shocked the world, John Wayne and Lorena talk.

On June 23, 1993, John Wayne Bobbitt returned home drunk after a night of partying and allegedly raped his wife, Lorena. After he fell asleep, Lorena cut off more than half his penis, drove away from their apartment, and threw the severed penis out her car window and into a field. 

Soon after, realizing the severity of the situation, Lorena pulled her car over and called 911. After an exhaustive search, the penis was located, packed in ice, and — over the course of nine and a half hours — reattached to John.

The incident, which is still very much a part of our national consciousness, led to countless jokes on late-night TV, a pornographic movie career for John, and two very high profile trials.*

But, while we've since seen John's continued attempts to capitalize on the incident (through short stints as a musician and a Las Vegas minister, in addition to his porn work); and Lorena's appearances on Oprah and The Early Show; we've yet to see them talk to each other face-to-face on camera — until this past week.

Last Friday, the two met on The Insider for a strange and heated reunion mediated by Lara Spencer. During the meeting, both expressed anger over what transgressed 16 years earlier.

"I'm never going to forget what you did to me," Lorena said. "You drove me crazy. You drove me insane. It's ridiculous. No woman should go through what I went through." Standing By Her Accused Man

What she went through, according to her testimony during the trials, included not only rape, but physical and emotional abuse, numerous infidelities (which John allegedly flaunted), and a forced abortion.