Spring hormones

Spring hormones

My kids (read students) are on high form these days. Spring has
finally arrived in Norway, with surprisingly high temperatures, meaning
less clothes and a lot more hormones going wild. It seems that there
are new couples at school every day, and belive me, we are not talking
innocent hand-holding here, we are talking serious tongue action!

an extent it is actually kind of cute, and (hopefully, especially when
it comes to the younger ones) fairly innocent, but when I find couples
falling out of bathrooms together - I get a little worried....

they do in their spare time, I really don't care about, I seriously
have enough stuff to worry about (like when will I ever have time to
write my book, do something about my wish to work with photography, get
my kids through French without failing, get out of the country again,
and find time to be a good sister/friend/daughter, etc), but I draw the
line at having to drag them bodily apart in the classroom.

we really like that at the same age, because I seriously can not
remember being anything close to as advanced as they are now - it would
never even have occured to me at that age to have serious makeout
sessions in the schoolyard, much less in the classroom.

But maybe I'm just getting old....

as said, I'm not a prude, and mostly these lovey-dovey couples are
fairly cute, especially (again) the younger ones, who seem to be
changing girlfriends or boyfriends on a rate of approximately every
week. :-)

I guess in the end it's all a combination of hot
weather and being young, and we've probably all been there at some
point, if a little less conspicuous!

However, I do wonder - where should I really draw the line, and are they so much more advanced than what we were at that age?? Would love some answers!

Wishing you all a hot spring and summer of love,