Love Bytes: Kissing Can Get Complicated

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Curly vs. straight, kissing can be dangerous and sex is banned from school

Love Bytes: three must click love, sex and relationship links.

More men clicked on her online dating profile when she wore her hair a certain way. [Divine Caroline]

Newly single in New York City, I joined a popular online dating service and posted two profiles. They were identical in every way—except one. The first profile included a picture of my hair flat-ironed straight. For the other, my hair was naturally curly.

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman ignore swine flu warnings and make out instead.  [Huffington Post] Kiss Him Only If He's Rich

Seperation of church and state and sex? Have we gone too far? [Buzz Feed]

Pastor Bruce Cadle just wants to help his parishioners "have the Great Sex that God created you to enjoy." But the school that hosts Pastor Bruce on Sundays does not think sex is an appropriate topic for a sermon that takes place in a school auditorium.

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