Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker Getting Twins

matthew broderick and sarah jessica parker

The couple has, apparently, opted for surrogacy to expand their family.

Do what, now? Per Entertainment Weekly's Hollywood Insider, Sarah Jessica Parker (star of that Sex And The City movie) and husbandido Matthew Broderick are expecting a set of matching babies.

But wait, Sarah Jessica Parker is 44 years old, what is she doing having twins and why hasn't she gained any weight? The couple opted for surrogacy. You know, the old "you have my baby(ies) for me and I give you a bunch of money" trick. Rich folks have been pulling that caper for literally years. The process (or is it a project?) is so popular that Tina Fey and her good friend Amy Poehler made a film about it, and that film was called Mean Girls (kidding, it was Knocked Up, kidding it was Baby Mama, just kidding, just kidding, just kidding). More on surrogacy:Evidently, Having Babies Is For Poor People

The story goes that Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) and Matthew Broderick have been trying for an addition to their nuclear unit since the birth of their 6-year old son, James. Which James can view one of two ways: either they were so pleased with him that they wanted another (or twins) or that they'd like a do-over. (At least that's how Bobby felt on a very special episode of King Of The Hill, the one where they mentioned Hank's narrow urethra.) 

Item two: Weren't Matthew Broderick and SJP supposed to be getting a divorce? Is having babies the opposite of having a divorce? Haven't they been on the veritable rocks for ages? Didn't one of them dally? Didn't one of them try to make the other promise never to see Chris Noth again? Maybe the whole hubbub wasn't about infidelity, but instead was a conception calamity? At any rate, it always seems a good idea to go ahead and have a baby when your relationship is in rough shape.

Then again, a little adversity usually brings strong couples closer together. Yep, life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

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