MerDer To Finally Tie The Knot

Meredith and Derek

Grey's Anatomy pulls out all the stops, a wedding website even, for the couple's nuptials.

Grey's Anatomy has had its share of engagements, almost-weddings, marriages, divorces, affairs and everything in between, but after the engagement that we'd all been waiting for, a date has finally been set for the wedding we thought would never happen. After all of their hook-ups, breakups, fights and even a partial-death, Meredith Grey finally has a ring, although it's not yet on her finger (she just carries it around), from Derek Shepherd, and the two will wed on May 14… a Thursday.

Most Romantic Couple On Prime-Time?

MerDer, played by Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, have a real-life wedding website, at theknot.com, "set up" by Dr. Izzie Stevens, that's replete with photos, the couple's story, even a gift registry. Show creator Shonda Rhimes told USA Today she wanted it to feel like a real wedding website.

And it does. In reality the site is maintained by the show's staff, but is presented with the voice and personality of Katherine Heigl's character, Izzie Stevens, who is bedridden with cancer. MerDer is letting their roommate and friend plan the wedding of her dreams (which includes a very comprehensive website), despite Meredith's predilection toward everything non-wedding-y.

Although the wedding is fiction, what is very real is the gift registry. Rather than shopping at Bloomingdale's for a present, three charities are set up for public donations: American Academy of Neurology Foundation, American Skin Association and Alzheimer's Association.

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