Miley Half-Heartedly Denies She's Back With Ex

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus
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Hannah Montana star considers both Nick Jonas and boyfriend Justin Gaston “good friends.”

Using the newest form of communication, Miley Cyrus told everyone via Twitter that she is "just friends" with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. Despite this, Miley lumped both her ex and current boyfriend, underwear model Justin Gaston, into the same category by calling them both dear friends and claiming to love both of them.

"Justin and Nick are two very amazing people and they both mean so much to me,” Miley tweeted. "I heard once 'u can love more than one in your life but there is only one love of your life' i love both of them so much and they are both dear to my heart. justin is an amazing person! he can always make me laugh and has a heart of gold."

Miley goes on to tweet, "And nick is so lovely. he reaches out to so many people with his music, not only with his talent but with his heart. our love for music is something that keeps our friendship together and I KNOW NO MATTER he will be my friend forever."Friends With His Ex

In addition, New York Daily News reported that Miley and Nick had a makeout session in his house. And the pair was also seen eating lunch together on April 13. This coupled with the rumor that Miley wants to dump Justin could have any guy worried, model or not.

We take it as a positive sign that Miley can stay friends with her ex without the drama, but should Justin be worried he’s seen on almost the same level as an ex who is just “a friend?” Or is Miley just wise beyond her years?

Scoop via Photo courtesy of Splash News.